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The ATLAS Vokalensemble is an association of young, professionally trained singers between the ages of 20 and 35 who have gained years of ensemble experience in choirs such as the German Youth Chamber Choir or the German National Youth Choir and already have a broad portfolio of performances at home and abroad.


The founding concerts of the ATLAS Vokalensemble took place in Berlin in September 2023.

The young musicians have set themselves the goal of performing a cappella choral music at the highest level and making classical choral music accessible to audiences of all generations, especially the younger generation. To this end, the ensemble comes together for several rehearsal and concert phases throughout the year.


In the choir's development processes, all those involved value democratic, appreciative and supportive cooperation, which forms the basis of ATLAS' self-image.


In order to give young composers a voice, the ensemble also focuses on commissioning compositions, collaborating with composers and performing these works.


In the long term, orchestral musicians will enrich the ensemble in order to realize symphonic works.


The ATLAS Vokalensemble e.V. sees itself as a new impulse in the choral landscape that wants to grow sustainably in the long term and be an ambassador for music, culture and a sense of community solidarity.

© Photos on this page: Simon Hertling

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